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Below are the current list of events arranged at Tuppenny Barn - please check their website for further information.  Southbourne Community Association can not be held responsible for the accuracy of the events listed.

Tuppenny Barn Main Road, Southbourne, West Sussex, PO10 8EZ

Telephone: 01243 377 780   Mobile: 07977 536 684 

Email: contact@tuppennybarn.co.uk

We have ample parking on site for those coming by car.  We are also well served by public transport, Southbourne and Emsworth train stations are only a short walk away and the 700 bus service stops just outside our entrance on the A259.

Tuppenny Barn

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Miranda Sykes Plays Tuppenny Barn


Miranda Sykes, the acclaimed singer and bassist with ‘Show of Hands’ returns in 2019 with a new album and UK tour. After a career spanning over 20 years, during which time she has played with many of the top musicians and singers within the folk world, she will be touring solo as she started out: One woman, one bass, and one guitar.

Building on the success of her Borrowed Places tour, Miranda Sykes is back with a completely new project:  Her new album ‘Behind The Wall’

Where Borrowed Places opened a window into the past, explaining where she had been, physically and spiritually, Behind The Wall is a Roller Coaster Ride exploring where we are going; Miranda, you, me, all of us. What does it mean to be human today, living in our communities and societies and where will our actions lead us?

Powerful and hard-hitting but also poignant and beautiful, this show is not to be missed.

Tickets £12 Tel 01243 377780
Show starts at 8pm

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