Meet the Winners

Congratulations to our August 2018 Photo Competition winners.

1st prize - Olivia Farndell with 62 likes.
2nd prize - Shirley Skipton with 52 likes.
3rd prize - Poppey Farndell with 41 likes.

Well done to everyone who entered the competition we have been utterly blown away by how fantastic and profession the photographs look.

The winning three pictures are attached below for your convenience.

Photo Competition

Photo Competition August 2018

Welcome to August 2018 photo competition organised by Southbourne Community Association.  The competition runs from August 1st until August 31st.

The aim of this competition is for the residents of Southbourne, West Sussex to get out and about in the area and take some photographs of the beautiful area that we live in.

This is a cash prize competition with three winners to be announced at the end of October 2018.  Judges decision is final and cash prizes are awarded as follows:

First prize:  £50

Second Prize: £30

Third Prize: £20

Entry to the competition is voluntary and this competition's theme is Scenic or Buildings within the Southbourne Parish area.  A link to a map of the Southbourne Parish area is below.

Extra credit will be given for artistic flare so be creative and try new types of photography.  Using filters and editing software is allowed.

The competition winners will be selected based on the number of Likes by our Facebook followers.  Therefore be sure to like and share with your friends and family.


  • All submitted photographs need to be your work.
  • Submissions to be made between August 1st and 31st August 2018.
  • The final winners will be announced at the end of October.
  • Like, Share your photograph and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  More likes more chances to win.
  • Judges decision is final.
  • Submitted photographs will appear on Southbourne Community Association website, Facebook Page and other Social media sites.
  • You are to be aged 16+ however submissions are allowed if under the age of 16 with parent/guardian permission.
  • Absolutely No Trespassing!
  • Never put yourself in danger and use common sense when taking pictures.
  • Always seek permission from anyone featured in your photographs.
  • Your photograph MUST have been taken during August 2018.

Make sure you vote for the current submission by using the Like and Share buttons on our Facebook page.

Competition is now Closed

Southbourne Parish Area

Southbourne Parish Area (jpg)